Code of Conduct Code of Conduct

Epistemic status: I'm certain the ideas underlying this code are the correct direction. I'm privileged to not belong to a group that gets targeted frequently so I'm not sure if this code goes far enough yet.
Epistemic effort: I've read a few Codes of Conducts and tried to incorporate ideas into a targeted code for this site.

In this code, the first person refers to Andy Tinkham, the author of this site.


Everyone who interacts with this site with the intention of learning is welcome to use this site. Commenting, which utilizes GitHub as underlying technology is restricted to those over the age of 13 years, as younger users are prohibited by GitHub from creating an account. No further discrimination is made on any personal belief or quality, including but not limited to gender identity and expression, sexuality, religion, race, nation of origin, body size, or area of residence.

There is zero tolerance on this site for:

As the comments for these pages are served using GitHub Discussions, the GitHub Code of Conduct applies as well.

Consequences of Violations

Comments found to be in violation of this Code of Conduct will be removed. Additional consequences may extend to iblocking people from using the site and suspension or termination of your GitHub account (at the discretion of GitHub's community moderators). I reserve the right to disable the comment feature on any page and use any features GitHub provides me to limit or prevent further interaction. If the violation of this code merits such an action. law enforcement officials may be involved.

If any of my content (created by Andy Tinkham) is found to be in violation of this code, I will remove the content and issue the